Synopsis compiled from cast/crew interview spots

Limescale is actually based on a book that was never published.”

“Matthew Carlson believes he is insane.”

“He's damaged. Everyone's damaged. And this is how he's trying to survive which is what everyone's trying to do.”

“He struggles with his day to day life.”

“In his own head, everything that he does and discovers makes sense but to a ‘sane’ person, it's absolutely crazy.”

Matthew Carlson will dream up extremely maladjusted antisocial behaviour to take his mind off of whatever he feels threatened by at the time. He essentially conditions himself to be obsessive over whatever he feels might relieve his anxiety.

His insanity is his biggest self-conditioning venture since he was as young as eleven years old, and it's all for the purpose of keeping memories he has buried deep away in the back of his mind.

So up until the point where the story starts, Matthew has been convincing himself he's mad. He can't let anyone know about that of course because he'd be ostracised immediately so he has to surround himself with regular lifestyle situations like his work, his home and his friends just so that he can function as a human being in the modern world.

As the film begins, we meet Matthew Carlson, find out who he is and where he's at in his life; then the story is this life of his or the ‘facade of sanity’ as he calls it, unravelling and falling apart around his ears. So it all starts when he wakes up with an erection - which is a first!

He has always suffered panic attacks whenever he's confronted with anything heavily sexual though on this one occasion he doesn't so he decides to push himself to see how far he can go. But it's just too much too soon, which he discovers when he gets to work.

When confronted with what he's buried away for so many years he needs to find something in addition to his enforced psychosis to enable himself to ignore it once again.

“He gets it into his head that Limescale must be accumulating in his body as he drinks water and so, he stops drinking water.”

He only drinks cola because he believes urban myths that suggest that the acidity might eat away any hardened deposits in his body. He eats mouthfuls of salt, drinks bathroom cleaner and as a result, his physical and mental health absolutely plummets.

Eventually, a co-worker makes an unsavoury discovery in Matthew's desk drawer.

The upshot now is that too many people have seen too much, so he has to nip it in the bud... And when he does, life changes forever.

“This is the story of what somebody actually thinks, as opposed to what they say and do.”

“This is a man who fears Limescale might be accumulating in his body.”

“This is the story of one Matthew Carlson.”

Interviewees included: Stewart O'Reilly, Raquel Cassidy, Sam Gooda, Christina Bianchi & Will' Terran