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About us

Over 18 years we have gathered a loyal and dedicated team of writers, designers, photographers, film director’s cameramen and editors, bringing together an unrivalled level of care and commitment to communicating the unique qualities of your school.

It’s a truly bespoke service. We are the only genuine specialists in the field.

At School House Studios we use all available means, from traditional print to the most modern digital media, to maintain your distinctive edge in an ever more competitive educational environment. This is carried out always as part of an overall, cohesive marketing plan.

And, for the utmost reassurance, all our staff and crew are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) accredited.

And to the environment...

What better way to complement your own environmental efforts than to work with a company with strong green credentials?

SHS use only FSC (The Forestry Stewardship Council) certified paper stocks. That means the paper used to print your literature will be sourced from forests managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards – with no discernable loss of quality.

And that’s just one part of the story. Over the years, we hope to donate thousands of pounds to develop and restore forests.When it comes to such a vital issue, we believe we’re all in this together!


Above are a collection of pictures from our 2008 Planting in schools.

We donated and planted 100 trees free of charge in association with the National Tree Appeal, in school grounds all over the UK.

We can achieve a lot when we work together.


“The students involved not only enjoyed watching and taking part in how a tree should be planted but also benefited from Edd’s knowledge and enthusiasm!”
Val Canton, Burnt Mill School

“As I was walking them over I was thinking, here I am holding (an oak) tree that will be around in 300 years time! Which of my family will see it!?”
Rick Brown, North Leamington School

“We will take care and nurture them and look forward to watching them grow.”
Jessica Joyce, Cranford Community College

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